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Change Healthcare Cyber Attack and the Systemic Impact

March 26, 2024 8:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Change Healthcare, a clearing house that processes a large number of insurance claims, has been shut down for nearly a month, following a cyber attack. We recognize the impact of this shutdown on our members, clinicians, and practice owners, and care about the systemic economic ramifications of this cyberattack on those working hard to provide care and run a business. If you have been impacted by this, please be sure to check if you/your practice is eligible for temporary funding assistance at the website below:

Change Healthcare Information

MAMFT is open to hosting a virtual discussion forum, for members to share their experiences, validate our collective frustrations, and/or collaborate on options for responding to this situation. If you are interested in participating in that discussion group, or willing to share how you/your organization has responded to this situation, please fill out the form below*

Change Healthcare Forum Request

*Due to MAMFT/staff capacity- we will host an event if 10 or more people register/provide input in the above form.

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