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MAMFT is a professional organization dedicated to supporting and growing the practice of relational, systemic, justice-oriented healing throughout Minnesota

The Minnesota Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (MAMFT) is a non-profit professional organization, dedicated to promoting the well-being of families, couples, and individuals through the advancement of the profession and practice of marriage and family therapy in the state of Minnesota. The Minnesota Association for Marriage and Family Therapy promotes and helps maintain high professional standards of ethics and practice, encourages continued professional education, and works cooperatively with the Minnesota Board of Marriage and Family Therapy.

MAMFT Vision Statement

MAMFT’s vision is to provide a professional home for all Minnesota-based relational therapists, at all phases of their professional journey, from student to retirement. We strive to do this through four primary pillars of engagement: Community, Support, Education, and Advocacy.

Community building inclusive of all relational therapists.

Community building efforts are designed to provide relational therapists the opportunity to connect with each other, share their experiences, and grow their practice of relational therapy. Community is also focused on creating spaces where relational therapists and healers from marginalized communities and experiences have a place to gather, and have their voices heard.

Support relational therapists.

Supportive efforts are focused on understanding and supporting the needs of our members, as well as any students and relational therapists who are committed to the field of relational therapy. MAMFT will strive to respond to the challenges and systemic issues that impact these relational therapists with relevant information, services, and support.

Education rooted in social justice and equity.

Education efforts are designed to ensure current and prospective relational therapists have access to quality education on the practice of relational therapy. MAMFT will work to ensure equity and socially just practice principles are foundational in the training and continued education of relational, systemic therapy. MAMFT will also be focused on educating the greater community on the value of working with a relational mental health provider.

Advocate for the advancement of marriage and family therapy as a profession.

MAMFT will engage in advocacy efforts to ensure that relational therapy is able to flourish as a profession, that relational therapists are recognized and fairly compensated for their contributions to the mental health field, and that those in need of healing have access to support from relational therapists. Specific efforts in this area include legislative advocacy, as well as partnering and advocating with outside stakeholders to the field of relational therapy including educational facilities, licensing boards, and third-party payers.

ABCs for MFTs

MAMFT’s board is currently working on the ABCs for MFTs

A is for Advocacy- Advocating for our profession

B is for Branding- Creating a consistent message of who MAMFT is today

C is for Community- Providing spaces for members to connect with each other and learn together

Complaint Process

Do you have a complaint regarding MAMFT or a member of the MAMFT board? Please fill out our complaint form and the Governance Committee will work to evaluate and address your concern.

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