Minnesota Association for Marriage and Family Therapy strives to represent the views of its individual members and also the profession as it exists in Minnesota. From this viewpoint, the MAMFT Board has deemed it necessary and useful to create a position statement that reflects the MAMFT’s stance on equity and social justice in our community. Please read more about this here!

The Social Justice committee is always looking for interested people to join our committee. We welcome folks to attend a meeting or send an email and let us know what is important to you! You can email socialjustice@mamft.net for more information. Meetings are monthly, and many are virtual via Google Hangouts. We look forward to hearing from you!

Below are the current members of the MAMFT Social Justice Committee:


Jennifer Knapp

I am excited to chair the Social Justice Committee for MAMFT. As systemic and relational healers, we have both a responsibility to and skills for facilitating healing and communication within our professional community and the clients with whom we work with. MAMFT’s mission includes advocating and promoting social and cultural justice to enhance the quality of professional life within our organization, as well as for the communities and families in Minnesota. We are at an exciting new time in our organization and I am humbled to be part of increasing awareness, accessibility, and inclusion, as well as facilitating hard conversations that move us all toward growth. I look forward to this exciting new chapter.

Alex Iantaffi

As a systemic practitioner passionate about healing justice and a trans, disabled, bi/queer, Italian immigrant with white privilege, I am excited about MAMFT’s efforts to increase inclusion and accessibility both within our professional community and the populations we serve. I am honored to serve on the new social justice and diversity committee because I believe our liberation is deeply bound to one another and I am grateful for all the challenging and necessary conversations and changes that lie ahead.

LynAnne Evenson

I am dedicated to addressing disparities that affect us as a community and prevent our ability to move toward healing and understanding.  I am excited to build bridges and conversations to create sustainable change within MAMFT as well as the broader populations that we reach as therapist/healer/researchers.

Casey Skeide

Because of my background, the concepts of social position and equity have been a major focus of my education. As Student Representative, I recognize the responsibility that I have to all students, current and future. I ran on the premise to connect and activate the student community and I believe that it is critical, particularly in a field which aspires to address systemic oppression, that accountability occurs throughout its various levels. Being that MAMFT’s mission includes advocacy and the promotion of social and cultural justice not only within our organization but our State, I am excited to be a part of a committee which wholly aligns with my core values and goal of equity.

Lucas Volini

The more I’ve come to learn from individuals in their suffering, the more I’ve come to observe how cultural dynamics can drive us toward the pits of despair. The more I’ve come to learn from others in their courage and healing, the more I’ve come to observe how cultural dynamics can catalyse us toward hope and transformation. Culture both divides us and holds the source of our healing. As systemic healers, we have the mindset to understand the complexities of this paradox and tools to create meaningful change at the macrosystemic level. In the launch of this new committee, I see MAMFT taking the lead in this effort and I am humbled for the opportunity to play my part.