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The Elections Committee is responsible for recruiting candidates for Board positions and managing the elections process. We are currently meeting and recruiting candidates through June 2018 and will put out a Call to Nominate in July 2018 for open Board positions. If you are interested in talking more about being on the Board contact Christina Corwin at elections@mamft.net

Open Positions for 2019


This position is responsible for the financial management and budgeting of MAMFT. It requires a 3 year commitment and knowledge of financial planning.

At Large Board Member (2 positions)

This position is a voting member of the Board of Directors and is a 3 year commitment. Each At Large Member is required to chair a Committee. MAMFT would like one of these positions to chair and focus attention on Greater MN membership.

Election Committee Member (2 positions)

This position is an elected position with a 3 year term. The Committee Members are responsible for recruiting candidates for Board positons and supporting the elections process.

Election Committee Members

Christina Corwin (chair)

Lucy Grantz

Monica O’Connell

Vanessa Silvken

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