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Elections Committee

Voting will be opening soon!

Please read all about the candidates below and then be sure to come back and vote in October.  Please email elections@mamft.net if you have any questions. 


  Leah Seeger practices at the Lakeside Center location of Lyn Lake Centers   for Wellbeing in Minneapolis. Leah has been a  member of MAMFT since   2013, first as a student and currently  as a clinical member, beginning tenure   right before the start of  the pandemic. Previously, Leah has taught at St.   Mary’s  University as an adjunct professor in the Graduate Addiction  Studies   Program. Lean has also done trainings on systemic  therapy for therapists   without relational/systemic training and  on marketing practices for therapists. 

Through her time on the board, Leah has seen MAMFT go through upheaval as well as a  great deal of progress. Leah would like to use her extensive experience to help MAMFT as  President Elect to continue the work of transitioning to a more modern organization that can  effectively serve the needs of the MFT profession in Minnesota. Prior to becoming a  therapist, Leah worked in corporate America as an advertising executive for 12 years. Leah  is able to combine her passion for the MFT field as well as utilize prior career skills to help  MAMFT and other therapists. Qualities that Leah brings to MAMFT are communication skills  to work with and support a variety of people in addition to the organizational skills and  sense of responsibility to see projects through to completion. Outside of business acumen,  Leah brings a good sense of humor, lots of energy and creativity, and a desire to lead  through building community. These skills can translate to the type of leadership that  ensures MAMFT is responsive to members’ needs, can support and empower staff/board  members, follow through on promises, engage members, and have some fun in the process. 

In Leah’s time on the board, the board has done foundational work that was designed to set  up MAMFT to respond to the needs of our members more effectively. A lot of this work has  been behind the scenes work, and thus it may be hard for MAMFT members to see or  appreciate the value of all that work. If elected as President Elect, Leah hopes to support  MAMFT in building on those foundations, utilize the structures put in place to add current  value to members, and create more ways of supporting and engaging MFTs in Minnesota.


 Serenity Curtis practices therapy at the Edges Wellness Center in  Minneapolis   where she specializes in LGBTQ+ and neuro-divergent  communities with   trauma-  informed and culturally responsive care.  She has been a member of the   MAMFT since 2017. Serenity is  working towards AASECT certification in sex   therapy completion in  December 2022, and she would like to become a board-   approved supervisor in the near future. 

Serenity, currently a Clinical board member, is interested in the  Secretary position so that she can continue to promote and  transform MAMFT into a culturally responsive and inclusive organization at the forefront of  representation and advocacy. Serenity brings a valuable perspective to this position as a  queer, neuro-divergent person. Serenity is knowledgeable of MAMFT history and systems,  growth-minded, and willing to challenge the status quo. Her focus would be to continue the  strategic plan and evolve MAMFT into an organization that is an active part of members’  lives as she works behind the scenes to support and connect with others.

At-Large Board Member

 Melanie Aleman is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Melanie is   currently in   private practice and has been a member of MAMFT since   2010  when she was a   student   and was a pre-clinical member. Melanie is currently a clinical member and   has presented virtually at the fall   2020  virtual conference. Melanie   specializes in   working   with couples   and  individuals who have   experienced trauma, domestic   abuse,   intimate  partner  abuse, and family violence. Melanie also works with adults   with ADHD/ADD  and clients who were in the military. Melanie identifies as a person of color  and provides culturally responsive therapy. 

Melanie is interested in becoming an at-large board member in order to support the many  changes that have recently taken place and how the changes will affect the continuing  mission of the MAMFT organization. Melanie is interested in joining a committee that will  be of interest to herself and other MFTs. Melanie has voiced an interest in multiple areas  such as social justice, inequalities, and disparities that effect both the members of the MFT  community as well as how it effects the public that MFTs work with.  

As a board member, Melanie feels she will bring her life experiences to the position.  Melanie stated some of those lived experiences include obtaining full licensure, her ability to  communicate and uphold ethical standards, increased empathy for people as a person of  color, her work and understanding surrounding domestic violence, work with neuro divergent clients, and understanding how her work is multilayered and how that influences what she does.   

Elections Committee Member  

 Melissa Bolger is currently in private practice and owner of  

 Grounding Space Therapy. Melissa’s specializes in working with  

 high conflict and/or complex families, parents, and teens. She  

 works with families and individuals who are going through life  

 transitions or trauma. She works with members of the LGBTQ+  

 community. Melissa provides individual, dyadic, and group  

 supervision to pre-licensed individuals working toward licensure.  

 Melissa has worked as a Child Life Specialist and has been a  

 member of various professional organization. Melissa has been a  member of MAMFT since before 2015 when she was in graduate  

school and a student member. She was a pre-clinical member  

and is currently holds a clinical membership.  

Melissa is interested in become a part of the MAMFT board to help bring change to the  profession of Marriage and Family Therapy and society as a whole considering what is happening in the world today. Melissa would like to be a part of moving the profession  forward and bring about systemic change. Melissa is a passionate person and is eager and  motivated to help accomplish the current goals of the MAMFT organization. She is good at  taking on tasks and supported others. Melissa has had a number of clinical experiences that  would help her be effective in this position. She is excited to learn more and to be engaged  with others as a member of the election committee and the board of MAMFT. As a member  of the election committee Melissa would like the opportunity to learn more about the board  including how it works, how decisions are made, and how to continue to support the  profession moving forward.

Current Election Committee Members:

Ana Lewis (chair)  elections@mamft.net

Melissa Mrozek  melissa@mamft.net

Erin Peterson  erin@mamft.net

Leanna Kraemer leanna@mamft.net
Karrie Ruedy  karrie@mamft.net

Please contact the Elections Committee with any questions at elections@mamft.net.

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