A vital source of relational therapy within the community.

Christina Corwin is the chair of the Elections Committee.  If you have questions, please contact her at cgcorwin63@gmail.com. Additional Elections Committee members include: Brad Branham, Lucy Grantz, Monica O’Connell, Vanessa Slivken.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s election!

The vote to amend MAMFT’s bylaws so that MAMFT is no longer financially or structurally affiliated with AAMFT passed. Of those who voted, 97% voted yes and 3% voted no.

Below are the newly elected members for 2018:


Chad Lorenz, PsyD, LP, MA, LMFT, MBA

Biographic Statement: Dr. Chad Lorenz is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lorenz Clinic, a multi-site outpatient clinic in the metro area. Dr. Lorenz became a member of MAMFT in 2006 and has served on MAMFT board of directors since 2015. Dr. Lorenz holds a MA in Counseling Psychology, certificate in Marriage Family Therapy, doctorate in Counseling Psychology and a healthcare MBA. As a graduate student, he was nominated for membership in the American Family Therapy Academy and was a Policy Fellow at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the recommendation of former Sen. Dave Durenberger.

Vision Statement: I am interested in the President-Elect position because I see an opportunity to leverage my leadership and development skills to benefit the association. If elected, I would first work to connect with and learn from others in the local nonprofit community to institute governance best practices for our association that would allow for a mission focus. Second, I would collaboratively work to create a financial strategy that would aspire to place MAMFT on solid financial footing in perpetuity. Lastly, I would endeavor to contribute to a board culture marked by open communication, responsive leadership, and collegial tolerance.




Erin Pash, MA, LMFT

Biographical Statement: Erin Pash co-owns a progressive mental health agency name Ellie Family Services. She specializes in working with high conflict families, divorce, co-parenting and reunification. She provides supervision and consultation in this area of work and additionally teaches therapists how to work with court-involved cases. Additionally she is a Minnesota and AAMFT board approved supervisor. Erin began as a student member of MAMFT in 2010 and has since been a clinical member.

Vision Statement:

I am focused on legislation and standing up for what we need as providers and for what the community deserves when it comes to the treatment of mental health. I would like to propose new legislation that supports the expansion of therapeutic services to include covering relational services and supporting preventative mental health care. I am ambitious and motivated and would like to channel that energy into protecting and nurturing the Marriage and Family Therapy field. I am experienced in working in legislation and bring knowledge of how to inform change in a political climate as well as to connecting with people to help them understand the importance of what we do.


At-Large Clinical Fellows (2)

Lucas Volini, DMFT, LMFT

Biographic Statement: Lucas is the Clinical Director and core faculty member of the M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy training program at Saint Cloud State University while seeing clients part-time through The Lorenz Clinic of Family Psychology (offices in Chaska and Victoria). Lucas is also the owner and operator of MFT Licensing Exam LLC where he regularly facilitates intensive trainings both locally and nationally that utilize his self-authored study guide published for MFTs across the country preparing for the national licensing exam. Additionally, his research through SCSU—which includes the advancement of Global Family Therapy—has been published in peer-reviewed academic journals and presented at both local and national conferences.

Vision Statement: I care deeply about our profession and the important role MFTs serve to our communities, much of which is driven by the dedication and passion of MAMFT’s past and current board members. My leadership in a MFT graduate program and maintained involvement in our allied professional associations (NCFR, AFTA, AAMFT) keeps me updated on our profession’s advancements and challenges, helping to guide MAMFT’s pursuit of best serving our membership community. If elected, I plan to diversify our outreach across other professions and disciplines through training and education, positioning MAMFT in becoming a leading voice throughout the human service workforce and within our many communities. Ultimately, I hope to organize a committee focused exclusively on MAMFT’s mode of intervention on issues of social injustice that deepen the divides and suffering of our global family.

Cindy Fredrick, MA, LMFT

Biographic Statement: I currently practice at Life Development Resources PA in Lakeville.  I also have a small private out-of-pocket practice in Burnsville. I have been a clinical member of MAMFT since 2011. I specialize in relationships, couples/marriage therapy, and am a MN Board Approved MFT Supervisor.

Vision Statement: I believe that this is an exciting time for the MN chapter, as we become our own entity; and I am excited to see all the opportunities that this change will allow.  I believe it is my responsibility to give back to the community as a whole and to serve the community of marriage and family therapists. I have experience serving on boards, organizing large and small events, managing teams, and volunteering my time on committees for a variety of entities, teams, and communities.  Membership and Training are the two areas I believe I could best serve the MAMFT.

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Tamara Statz, MA, LAMFT

Biographic Statement: I have a private practice called Vibrant Living Senior Services where I provide therapy to seniors and their families in their homes. I also work at the University of Minnesota; there I provide counseling to family members who are caring for a person with memory loss. I have been a member for MAMFT for 4 years and I currently am a Pre-Clinical member. I am involved in many local and national organizations related to aging, caregiving, grief, and end of life.

Vision Statement: I bring focus, passion, dedication, and previous experience being in this position. I understand and hear the needs of our Pre-Clinical membership and would love to continue hearing about what interests our members so that I can help facilitate those experiences. I will continue to focus on the unique needs of Pre-Clinical MFTs, while also providing input and oversight to key elements of the transition to being our own organization. Networking, job opportunities, and support continue to be integral for Pre-Clinical members and I intend to provide even more opportunities for those experiences for our members.



Vanessa Slivken, MA, LMFT

Biographic Statement:  Vanessa Slivken is the Senior Director of Autism Services at St. David’s Center for Child and Family Development. She specializes in working with individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and has advanced specialty training in EMDR and Play Therapy. Vanessa has been a Clinical Member of MAMFT since 2010. Vanessa is on the Department of Human Service’s Early Intensive Developmental Intervention (EIDBI) Advisory group and provides individual and group supervision to those seeking licensure. Her background makes her an asset to providing specialized services for the community and people she supervises.

Vision Statement: I am interested in the Elections Committee position as I see an opportunity to increase connections within the MAMFT community and MFT’s in the state. If elected, I hope to show my passion about being an MFT through my hard work ethic, sense of humor and love of connecting professionals to create supportive communities and foster relationships. I would like to continue to bring a relational lens to my work within the Autism Community, as there is a tendency for the work to appear individual.

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Lucy Grantz, MA, LMFT

Biographic Statement: Lucy is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist who works at Natalis Counseling and Psychology Solutions and has been a member of MAMFT since August of 2010.  Lucy received a master’s degree in Art Therapy in 1999 and currently works with children, adolescents and adults.  Lucy has served on the board of the Minnesota Art Therapy Association for several years in a number of different positions.  She has given presentations on Art Therapy, taught as a visiting teacher of graduate level classes, and has spoken at various locations on this topic including the Mayo Client and the Breast Cancer Conference.

Vision Statement: I am interested in the elections committee position for a variety of reasons; I enjoy being part of a collaborative group, getting to hear a variety of perspectives and styles, and I am a good team player.  When I was on the board of the MN Art Therapy Association, I enjoyed being on the front edge of current issues in the field.  I think this is an exciting opportunity to be involved with our board, especially with the significant changes occurring with MAMFT.  If elected, I would help to install board members who are committed to having a vibrant and productive board, which is particularly needed in this time of change.

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Casey Skeide

Biographic Statement: Casey is a Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s Candidate at St. Mary’s University and a practicum student at Anicca Adolescent Day Treatment. Casey has been a member of MAMFT since 2016 and is a community organizer with The SEAD (South East Asian Diaspora) Project. Casey considers their professional and volunteer experiences within the Minneapolis area’s Asian American, LGBT+, and immigrant populations as their life blood; informing how their notion of how a “Citizen’s Therapist” is defined.

Vision Statement: I know, only through my failures, that the pitfalls of self and community lie within apathy and ignorance. I have a unique drive for community and development that is evident in my work and daily life. I believe what sets me apart from any other candidate is my ability to hear all sides and move towards a collaborative decision no matter how long or how difficult the discussion may be. Once elected, I would seek to increase involvement in student groups that address the non-academic needs of MFT students by developing programming around such topics as: professional identity development, work/life balance/self-care, and how your MFT education can be used elsewhere.