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The vote to amend MAMFT’s bylaws so MAMFT is no longer financially or structurally affiliated with AAMFT passed. Of those who voted, 97% voted yes and 3% voted no. This change will take effect on January 1, 2018. You can find more information about this decision below. More details will be coming soon regarding next steps.

Background and Rationale for Recommended Bylaw Changes

The recommended revisions to the MAMFT Bylaws presented to our pre-clinical and clinical members in this vote are a result of the AAMFT Board’s decision to remove state divisions as the core structure of the organization. This direction was approved by the national vote completed this summer.

State Divisions have been given 3 new options for reorganization within AAMFT, or allowed, by vote of each Division membership via Bylaw changes, to drop contractual affiliation with AAMFT completely.

After over three years of conversation with AAMFT leadership, internal debate and study, and 2 surveys of the MAMFT membership, the Board of MAMFT decided to recommend to our members a vote to become a fully independent state organization, no longer financially or structurally affiliated with AAMFT.


Summary of the Proposed Changes to MAMFT Bylaws:

Removal of References to Divisions and AAMFT

In order to remove the mandatory two-tiered dues system that linked state division membership with AAMFT national membership, the proposed language removes all references to divisions and AAMFT membership rules from the MAMFT Bylaws.

All other language, defining our state organization, obligations and structure under Minnesota rules governing 501 (c) (6) professional and trade non-profit organizations, remains.


So – What Would This Mean for You?

Since MAMFT would no longer be a division of AAMFT, you would need to opt-into membership of MAMFT by joining us directly and paying dues. Our budget would be built around the money received from membership dues, advertising revenue and any profits our educational, social or other activities might generate.

Membership in AAMFT will NOT be required to be a member of MAMFT; however, it is certainly ok to choose to be a member of both associations. Dues to join MAMFT would be as follows.

 Membership Category Annual Dues
 Clinical Fellow (LMFT) 87
 Allied Mental Health Professional (licensed in a different  mental health field) 87
 Affiliate (ex. divorce lawyers, therapy product vendors) 43
 Pre-Clinical (post-graduate school, working towards  licensure) 21
 Pre-Allied Mental Health Professional (working towards  licensure in another field) 21
 Student 14
 Retired 22
 Medical Status 10

Our focus will continue to be on strengthening our professional identity in the state, supporting, educating, and advocating for our membership, professional colleagues and clients, working together with those who work in the graduate schools educating future LMFTS and supporting the quality, ethics and professional excellence of Marriage and Family Therapy in the state of Minnesota and our region.

The MAMFT Board of Directors recommends the membership accept and adopt the following limited revisions to the MAMFT Bylaws, to be effective January 1, 2018.

Click here for MAMFT’s current bylaws.

Click here for the red-lined proposed revisions to MAMFT’s bylaws.

Click here for MAMFT’s new bylaws, if passed.