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Clinical and Pre-Clinical Members should have received a ballot from AAMFT earlier this summer, which included the vote to abolish state divisions (more info here). The window for this vote ended on August 15th.  Everything we’ve heard from the AAMFT board this past year assures us the vote will pass.
In preparation for this likely outcome, the MAMFT board has prepared changes to our own bylaws that would allow us to become our own state organization as of January 1, 2018 This will require a separate vote for just the Minnesota membership. Of those who vote, 2/3 (66%) would need to agree with the proposed bylaw changes for it to pass.
We are required by our own bylaws to provide you a 30-day notice of any upcoming bylaw change votes.  We want to give our members as much lead time as possible to ask questions and read the proposed changes.  We anticipate that the vote will occur this fall but do not have a date at this time. Please send any questions for the board to info@mamft.net.
Thank You!
Your MAMFT Board