Review Articles

Provide an overview of existing literature in a field (peer reviewed or academic book) and offer a synthesized analysis of a specific topic (e.g., advancements in somatic experiencing therapy)

(500-1500 words max)


Clinical Case Study

Provide the details of a mock client encounter that demonstrates unique conceptualizations and interventions with specific client populations serving to advance the clinical practice of the audience.

(500-1500 words max)


Letter to the Editor

Generally seen to be opinion pieces that reflect upon the prior edition of the newsletter (e.g., “the last issue of MAMFT News seemed to overlook some important trends in the treatment of sex offender populations…”). These may be written directly to the editor or in response to an author featured in the previous issue.

(Letter to the Editor: 500 words max)

(Response to Author: 1500 words max)



Commentaries generally provide scholarly reviews of fundamental concepts or emerging trends/ideas in the field of MFT. Typically written in essay form, they offer a personal point of view that critiques widespread notions pertaining to the field (e.g., exploring the unchartered intersection of the citizen therapist).

(2000 words max)


Featured Editorials

Featured Editorials are articles that reflect the mission and goals of the professional association on specific topics of interest within the field of MFT. If you wish to prepare a manuscript to be printed as a featured editorial, please email the editor with your idea and scope of the paper. If the topic is viewed to be relevant, written with scholarly rigor, and in congruence with the mission and values of the association you may be invited to complete the manuscript as a featured article in an upcoming edition.

(4000 words max)


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