*Note: MAMFT is the professional home for MFTs and relational healers in MN and is DIFFERENT from the regulatory board which regulates/licenses MFTs in MN.  Below is some information on the licensure process, but please defer to the MN MFT Regulatory Board for the most up-to-date and comprehensive information.

MFT Licensure in Minnesota is a 4-Step Process:

• Education
• National written exam
• Post-graduate experience with supervision
• State oral exam
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Students and post grads interested in MFT licensure in Minnesota should check with their school to determine if it is COAMFTE-accredited. If it is, your coursework satisfies MN licensure requirements. If it is not, equivalency requirements are set forth in Minnesota Administrative Rule 5300.0140. A visual representation of the education requirements can be found in the application for the national examination, which also contains the required practicum affidavit. If you have any questions regarding whether or not your coursework satisfies the MFT requirement, first contact your advisor at your educational institution before contacting the board.
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National Exam

The next step is to apply for the national examination. The application to take the national exam can be found on MN Board of MFT’s website or here. The board has an application committee that reviews your application to be sure that you meet all the requirements of education and practicum. If the Board approves the application, then the application is forwarded to apply to sit for the exam.
Prep courses offered in MN include (these are not endorsed by MAMFT):
Do you know of others?  Please let us know at info@mamft.net.

Post-graduate Experience with Supervision

The third step towards licensure is supervision. Supervision includes completion of a minimum of two years and 4000 hours of post-graduate experience as an MFT. Note that all required hours of direct client contact must be completed under the supervision of a Board-approved LMFT supervisor. A list of the MN board-approved supervisors can be found here on the MN Board of Marriage and Family Therapy’s website.
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Oral Exam

*Please note: The oral exam is currently being done as a written exam due to COVID-19. 

The fourth and final step, after taking and passing the national written exam and completing the required post-graduate supervision hours, is to take the state oral examination. The application to take the state oral exam can be found on the MN Board of MFT’s website or here. Prep courses are offered by some LMFTs in MN.

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