• May 19, 2015
    Marriage and Family Therapy in the age of the Hunger Games

    As a part of the Minnesota contingent traveling to the annual AAMFT leadership conference, our colleague and president-elect, Beth Nelson, correctly characterized our profession and the associated “leadership” as the AAMFT version of the “Hunger Games”. As we sat through shallow presentation after shallow presentation, focused on how MFT’s could become more visible in differing […]Read More

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  • Calling all Systems-Thinkers: Let’s Walk-the-Walk

    Couple/Marriage and Family Therapists (C/MFTs) tend to differentiate themselves from sibling disciplines like Psychology or Counseling by way of “systems thinking.”  This worldview(s) that pushes our clinical practice goes beyond work with individual clients to working with couples and families.  From clamoring as young trainees to gain enough clinical hours that “count” for this so […]Read More

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  • MFTs and School-Based Mental Health Opportunities in Minnesota

    In the AAMFT Family Therapy magazine, January/February 2015, focused on “The MFT Career Spectrum”, an article by Kathleen C. Laundy, Psy.D., LMFT, LCSW — Family Therapy in Schools — might have given the impression that the route for MFTs to working in schools is some sort of legislated “School MFT” certificate.  Connecticut is the pioneer […]Read More

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