• October 1, 2017
    Forensic Mental Health Therapy

    Forensic mental health therapists are licensed mental health professionals who work at the intersection of the mental health and criminal justice and legal systems. This role is particularly salient because individuals entangled in the criminal justice system are significantly more likely to suffer from mental illness and neurobehavioral disorders (e.g., fetal alcohol spectrum disorder) than […]Read More

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  • September 25, 2017
    Fight for Mental Health Care

    Members of MAMFT, NAMI, MNCA, MNAPT, several mental health care clinics, private practice providers and many other stakeholders joined together on September 14th to protest the Blue Cross Blue Sheild rate cuts for mental health.  You can see pictures from the event below and read the article about it in the Star Tribune here. ..  Read More

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  • September 24, 2017
    Memory: A Primer for the Mental Health Care Professional

    Stephen Morgan, Ph.D. and Jerrod Brown, Ph.D. Abstract Memory can be defined as the systematic process of encoding, storage, and retrieval of information.  Disruptions of any of these three stages of memory can result in false or inaccurate memories.  The memory disruptions are particularly likely in the presence of mental illness, substance use, developmental disabilities, […]Read More

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