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Call for Strategic Plan Task Force

April 15, 2019 11:49 AM | Deleted user

MAMFT is assembling a task force to develop a five-year strategic plan for the association. Are you a visionary (yet task-oriented) person who is invested in the future of MAMFT? Would you be willing to participate in a task force to help shape the future of the organization?

As an organization that was created under and regulated by AAMFT’s structure and rules from 1981-2018, the MAMFT Board sees 2019 as an important time to re-evaluate our mission and strategically formulate a plan for the next five years.  This plan will serve as a driving force behind board and committee decisions and will help ensure that all of MAMFT’s programs and processes are there with clear intention, are valued by members and support the agreed upon mission of the association.  The plan will allow the board to transition from a “worker bee” board to a strategic board.

It is anticipated that the Strategic Plan Task Force (SPTF) will need at least five-six months of collaborative work to complete their task. During this time the group will:

  1. Survey MAMFT’s stakeholders (members and non-members in the field, legislative/regulatory bodies, consumer groups, etc.) to clarify what these groups expect and understand about MAMFT’s role(s). This will involve an online survey and a limited number of individual interviews from all stakeholder groups.
  2. Review relevant information about MAMFT’s history.
  3. Elucidate MAMFT’s mission and core values.
  4. Identify and clarify likely challenges to the profession and association in the next five years.
  5. Identify the external obstacles and internal resource limitations we face and the options for surmounting them.

The above information will be distilled into aspirations of the association for the next five years, from which the SPTF will propose a Strategic Plan consisting of a prioritized list of operationalized deliverables.

Task force members will be selected to ensure that diverse perspectives and all stakeholder groups are represented. Members will be expected to devote 3 hours per week for 5-6 months (May -October/November) to help the SPTF complete its work.

Update: Applications are no longer being accepted as the task force has been assembled. 

If you have further questions please email MAMFT’s Executive Director, Sara Bidler at executivedirector@mamft.net.

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