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MAMFT Bylaws have passed!

December 20, 2021 11:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

We are excited to announce that our bylaws have passed and members can read more about them HERE.  

The bylaw vote that took place in October passed, meaning MAMFT’s new bylaws will go into effect January 1st 2022. 

The MAMFT board and staff is working to finalize the protocols, policies and procedures manual, and other important criteria to function effectively under our new bylaw structure. We expect a transition process to occur throughout 2022 as we work to adopt these new bylaws. 

The main visible change will be in our board and organizational structure. We will be condensing the responsibilities of our organization into 4 standing committees and one accountability panel. 

Internal Affairs is responsible for the direction and management of MAMFT as an organization.

Tasks include- Strategic planning, budget and financial direction, staff direction and feedback.

Chair- Cerise Lewis; internalaffairs@mamft.net

Governance is responsible for ensuring the healthy management of our board.

Tasks include- Onboarding new board members, managing and addressing complaints, ensuring follow through and alignment with our policies and bylaws

Chair- Christina Corwin; secretary@mamft.net

External Affairs is responsible for the development of member and public facing events and communications 

Tasks include- Marketing/communications, advocacy efforts, event planning, membership engagement and recruitment

Chair- Leah Seeger; externalaffairs@mamft.net

Elections is responsible for ensuring a fair and elected make-up of our board

Tasks include- working with governance on determining board membership needs, developing a slate of qualified individuals for board positions, holding free and fair elections. 

Chair- Ana Lewis; elections@mamft.net

Social Justice Accountability Panel includes members of each standing committee, and other MAMFT members who are committed to socially just work. This panel is responsible for ensuring all board work is grounded in awareness and responsiveness to the needs of all MN MFTs.

Tasks include- providing input, feedback, and ensuring accountability for how all board and organizational functions impact various groups within our membership. 

Interim Chair- Serenity Curtis; socialjustice@mamft.net

We continue to welcome member input and feedback in this process! If you would like to participate in a committee, or have any question about the work of various committees, please reach out to the corresponding committee chair. 

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