“Why should I join MAMFT?”

As of this writing (end of February), 500+ individuals have decided to come alongside other relational healers in the area and join the newly-independent MAMFT! That’s amazing! Let’s keep going!


The real reasons why folks choose to join MAMFT are many and garden variety. We all come to the organization with different backgrounds, histories, areas of expertise, and lenses through which we see the world. And that is part of what makes coming together so great! We really are stronger together. Relationships Matter.


The strong start to the first 2 months of our new organization shows that 500+ people agree, relationships matter! First and foremost, I think, that is what one gets from being a part of MAMFT. You really do get out whatever you choose to put in. It won’t be handled to you on a platter or in a cute MAMFT-branded water bottle. (Though I would like one of those!)


You will not find networking to be a benefit if you never step up to take part in a networking-related event. Training and ongoing learning opportunities are not only required for our licenses, but help us to serve our clients with up-to-date knowledge and competence, and MAMFT has several exciting trainings coming up this year – but you have to come to them to get the benefit!


These are just two examples of how getting involved in your professional association can positively impact your career and connections to others.


On a lighter note, you know those times when folks say _________ is “cheaper than your daily latte habit” or whatever sort-of guilt-inducing, self-awareness-raising comparison.. here is your very own, related to a few of the MAMFT membership levels and the wonderful food that comes from Chipotle.


Clinical Fellow – a low rate of 11 steak burritos!

Pre-Clinical Fellow – whoa, only 3 orders of chicken tacos!

Student – 2 – that’s right – a mere 2 carnitas bowls!

Retired – 3 barbacoa salads, not bad!


You don’t have to tell me how often you go to Chipotle, and I won’t tell you how often I go to Punch Pizza! Both are walking-distance from my office. But look at those numbers! Deep breaths – you don’t have to cut your Chipotle habit to pay for MAMFT, it’s just for comparison!


In the end, really, it’s not about dollars or burritos, it’s about connections. Want to find a new job? Connect with others to find out what’s out there. Need a supervisor for licensure? Connect with other Pre-Clinical folks to find out who’s good (or bad!). Looking to offer a consult group? Connect with other therapists who are interested in the same topics and are in need of consult. The combinations are endless – just like when you’re in line to order at Chipotle.


You get to choose what goes into your MAMFT burrito, whatever suits your tastes. Everyone’s ‘reason’ burrito will be different, but that’s part of what makes this community so great!


Cheers to tasty food and more importantly, connections.


Your Pre-Clinical Rep,

Tamara Statz, MA, LAMFT