Call for White Papers on the Efficacy and Economic Viability of Access to Marriage and Family Therapists

The Minnesota Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (MAMFT) is soliciting white papers that demonstrate the efficacy and economic viability of access to Marriage and Family Therapists in Minnesota. The primarily goal is to demonstrate that marriage and family therapy leads to reduced medical expenses (in general or focused on a specific population such as divorced/blended families, marginalized populations, trauma victims, families in which there is drug/alcohol abuse, etc.) and in particularly reduced costs for third party payers. These white papers will primarily be used when advocating for the Marriage and Family Therapy profession in the legislative arena and with healthcare companies.

This call, issued to Marriage and Family Therapy programs in Minnesota, may be addressed by an individual researcher or research team (including students and/or faculty). The selection process will be divided into two stages.  Interested parties should submit a proposal at Selected proposals will result in invitations to complete a white paper on the proposed topic.  The number of proposals selected will be determined by the amount of available funds and the number of quality proposals submitted.  The anticipated funding level per white paper deemed satisfactory is expected to be in the range of $1000.  Compensation will be provided at the completion of the white paper and acceptance by the MAMFT White Paper Task Force. Multiple white paper proposals by the same researcher may be submitted.  All accepted white papers will be made public.

Timeline: We have an immediate need for a white paper that is a literature review of cases/states in which systemic therapy was supported legislatively and/or by third party payers and the result was significant health care cost savings. If the final paper is completed and meets expectations by 11/22/18, it will receive priority financial backing.  The completion deadline for any other white paper(s) is 12/15/18.  The Call for White Papers will remain open until 10/30/18 or longer if deemed necessary by the MAMFT White Paper Task Force.

White Paper Guidelines:

  • White Papers may not exceed 4 pages in length. This includes all figures, tables, references and appendices.  Web links to other documents may be included.
  • Text should be single spaced, 12-point font and the page should have 1-inch margins on all sides.
  • Only papers in Microsoft Word will be accepted.
  • Any images used must follow copyright laws.