Fall Committee Updates

Below are updates from MAMFT Committees for Fall 2018:

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee has been preparing candidates for the 2018 Fall Elections by working individually with them to vet and prepare their Candidate Statements. Voting is now open through 10/8/18. Read about the candidates and access the ballot here.

Greater MN

The Greater MN MAMFT Committee has been focusing on making trainings and social gatherings available to our membership throughout rural Minnesota.  We are focusing on 5 different cities; Alexandria, St. Cloud, Moorhead, Duluth, and Rochester for rotating our trainings throughout the state.  We are working on streamlining this process to allow for a foundation to be provided for future trainings and endeavors in Greater MN by MAMFT.


The Legislative team is excited for upcoming opportunities to meet with practicing MFT’s and talk about your legislative needs. Please reach out to erin@elliefamilyservices.com to talk about your needs and current trends in practice. We are busy working with legislators to try and author a bill on preventative mental health and planning our platform for next years legislative session. We are also excited to be joining the MN Mental Health Legislative Network where we can work in collaboration with the greater Minnesota mental health community to achieve common goals and better our community!


The Membership Committee would like to welcome all new and returning members to the MAMFT.  We are working on connecting current members through Meet & Greet events, and are seeking out new members to join our community.  We welcome your input and participation in this committee and would love to have your help as we educate new MFT students on the many benefits of MAMFT membership.  Please contact me if you are interested in helping out or need more information at Membership@mamft.net. Membership looks forward to hearing from you!


The Pre-Clinical Committee is looking for passionate, energetic individuals who are on the journey toward LMFT licensure or who are recently licensed as LMFTs and who are interested in coordinating events relevant to this stage of our careers. If this is you, please email preclinical@mamft.net to get started!

Professional Practices

The Professional Practices Committee has been partnering with the emerging Social Justice/Diversity Committee to ensure that MAMFT’s extension into the public realm beyond MFTs is executed in ways that align with our code of ethics and state statutes that govern our profession. Moving beyond ethics, this committee intends to define a framework for the Therapist-Activist that remains congruent to the cybernetic and systemic approaches to assessment and intervention of systems, both large and small. Our membership can also look forward to a survey sent out this Fall that aims to better understand our membership by answering the question of exactly “Who We Are as MFTs” in the state of MN.

Public Relations

The PR committee is looking to increase the visibility of MAMFT by increasing the number MFT’s on print and television media. In addition we will continue to work on visibility through shirts, hoodies and other items with the MAMFT logo. Advocating and sharing the importance of MFT’s in our community is our #1 goal!

Student Collaborative

We are looking for new members to help develop established connections at your institution! We are piloting a Student Mentorship Program and are accepting applications from those interested in being a mentor or mentee this fall.  More info here!

Training Committee

The Training Committee is now in the planning stages of the next Greater MN Conference to be held in spring of 2019 in Moorhead.  We are also collecting workshop proposals for our 2019 Training Series.  Find more information about all of these here!  If you have any ideas of potential speakers or locations, feel free to email Sara Bidler at executivedirector@mamft.net