Call for Letters to the Editor on the following topic:

                Our greatest tool: The therapeutic relationship

For the next MAMFT Newsletter we are looking for Letters to the Editor in regards to the therapeutic relationship in your practice.

Article topics might include:

  • How to build a strong therapeutic relationship, including challenges and barriers
  • Success stories of building a strong therapeutic relationship, including strategies used
  • Identifying transference/countertransference and how it impacts the therapeutic relationships
  • Ethical considerations with dealing with transference and countertransference
  • Strategies and/or success stories of working through transference/countertransference
  • An overview of joining and rapport building, including strategies, and/or success stories
  • How to set appropriate boundaries with clients and why this is important to the therapeutic relationship
  • How boundary setting is different in rural settings, including challenges and barriers
  • Success stories of boundary setting with clients in rural settings
  • How and when to use self-disclosure
  • Success stories in regards to use of self-disclosure
  • Advice you’d give a new therapist in regards to building therapeutic relationships with clients
  • Building therapeutic relationships in specific settings (play therapy, school based mental health, day treatment, outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment, chemical dependency treatment, eating disorder treatment, couples therapy, family therapy, etc.)


Please consider submitting an article or encourage a colleague that might have expertise in one of these areas to submit. Submissions can be made online at  The deadline to submit an article is December 1, 2018.

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