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MAMFT encourages members to opt-out of receiving a paper copy of the MAMFT News, for environmental and financial reasons.  All members will continue to be able to access the newsletter via the MAMFT email blast and website.  If you are willing to opt-out of a printed copy, please do so here.

From the editors:

We’d love to hear from YOU.

In addition to sharing relevant member info, the goal of the MAMFT NEWS is to strengthen the MFT family system by fostering connection and community. It just makes sense for us to share our collective wisdom, energy and strengths. In other words, the more of us who contribute our knowledge, experience, and ideas, the richer our system becomes.

We enthusiastically encourage members and non-members alike to make submissions (clinical essays, reviews, letters to the editor, etc.) on any relevant or informative issue or in response to MAMFT NEWS content. All submissions will be edited for length, clarity, readability, grammar, spelling, biased language, and appropriateness to the mission of MAMFT NEWS. Opinions expressed in the MAMFT NEWS do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Editors or of MAMFT.

All articles and materials for publication should be submitted via the MAMFT website here.  Ads for the newsletter should be submitted here.  Questions or concerns may be addressed to the MAMFT News Editors at editors.mamftnewsletter@gmail.com.

Issue Submission Deadlines

Spring January 15, 2016 – w/ target publication date: March 1st

Summer April 15, 2016 – w/target publication date: June 1st

Fall July 15, 2016 – w/target publication date: September 1st

Winter October 15, 2016 – w/ target publication date: December 1st

Guidelines and recommendations for an article is maximum word count of 920 for full page; recommend maximum 750 word count with photo. Word counts also include approximately 690 for 3/4 page, 460 for 1/2 page, 230 for 1/4 page. We do recommend and encourage including a professional photo of the author, as well as specific listing of name and credentials as they should appear with the article. Please submit a 1-2 line biography of the author as well to be added at the end of the article.  Submission of an article does not guarantee its publication. No materials will be returned.

Thank you!

Dave Churchill & Christine Dudero

Co-Editors MAMFT News

MAMFT News is the official publication of the Minnesota Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and is published quarterly.