One of the most effective ways you can voice your concerns about BCBS recouping money and lowering reimbursement rates is to file a complaint with the MN Department of Commerce.  Other professional associations are encouraging their members to do this as well.  There is power in numbers and therefore, the more people that file a complaint, the better chance the department will take the complaints seriously.  This issue has a large impact on the community and affects consumers of mental health services as well as the providers of mental health services. Please encourage your friends and colleagues to voice their complaints as well.

Below are step-by-step instructions for filing a complaint:

– Go to

– Scroll down to where it says “Online Complaints

– Select “Health/Life Insurance” for the “Type of Complaint”

– Fill in your contact information

–  Select “Other” for Reason for Contacting

– In the “Other Reason for Contacting” text box note that “BCBS is recouping money from providers and reducing reimbursement rates.”

– You do not need to enter a Claim Number or Policy Number

– In the section, “What company is your complaint against?” enter the following information: Blue Cross Blue Shield, 3400 Yankee Dr, Eagan, MN 55121.

Leave blank the following section, “Is your complaint against a specific individual (e.g. agent/broker)?”

Leave blank the following section, “Is there another party involved?”

– In the “Complaint Details” box include information about BCBS sending letters in July of 2017 stating that they are going to reduce reimbursement rates as well as recoup money from providers for services BCBS feels they overpaid for a period of 10 months or more.

– For “Complaint Attachments” you can attach any documentation that you feel will support your claim including but not limited to any letters you received from BCBS as well as the invoice you received from BCBS.


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