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MAMFT wants to make trainings and CEUs more accessible to greater MN marriage and family therapists.  We are building a Bureau of Speakers and Trainings to collaborate on this effort.  We will be rotating the locations throughout the state based on needs and willingness of presenters.  Trainings may be half day or full day, at the presenter’s discretion.   We are also looking for agencies and/or clinics that are willing to partner with MAMFT to provide locations for these trainings throughout the state at minimal or no cost. Presenters do NOT need to be members of MAMFT.

If you like to present, we need YOU!  Travel expenses and partial presentation fee’s will be reimbursed by MAMFT in the following manner:

  • 80% of Non-member registration fee’s will be paid to the trainer
  • 20% to MAMFT for management fee’s
  • Lodging and Mileage at $.535/mile
  • The trainer sets the rate for non-member registration
  • The trainings are offered free to MAMFT members

If you have a topic you’d like to present on and you live and/or are willing to travel to outstate MN, please fill out the application found here. Contact Megan Oudekerk at meganoudekerk@yahoo.com with any questions.

MAMFT is also looking for agencies/venues big and small willing to host Greater MN trainings.  Please contact Charline Bengtson at charlinebengtson@yahoo.com with suggestions or if you are interested in hosting a training. Current presenters looking for a venue:

Check out the Events & Trainings page for any Greater MN trainings that are currently being offered.