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Annual Conference

The 2018 MAMFT Annual Conference will take place on September 20th & 21st. Manijeh Daneshpour, PhD, LMFT will be the keynote speaker on the 20th and workshops by local therapists will be provided on the 21st.

Registration will open spring of 2018.

Below is information on the keynote presentation and speaker:

Story of Us: Ethics of Care and Family Therapy

Debates about multicultural competency, ethics of care, and social justice have proliferated throughout our mental health field and have become cliché conversations. Awareness of these issues serves as a way to evaluate the relationship between the ethics of cultural competence and normative Western mental health ethics.  We rarely explicitly state the essential principles of cultural competency but in essence they are: (1) acknowledgement of the importance of culture in people’s lives, (2) respect and appreciation for cultural differences, and (3) minimization of any negative consequences of cultural differences. Culturally competent academicians, researchers, and clinicians must promote these principles by learning about culture, embracing pluralism, and proactive accommodation.

Generally, culturally competent care will advance clients’ autonomy and justice. In this sense, cultural competence and Western mental health ethics are in many ways supposed to be mutually supportive movements. However, Western sociopolitical ethics and the personal ethical commitments of many mental health trainees will place limits on the extent to which they will endorse pluralism and social justice.

The presenter shares her views of the ethics of cultural competence and places the concepts of cultural competence in the context of Western moral theory. Clarity about the ethics of cultural competence can help mental health professionals promote and evaluate trainees’ integration of their own moral intuitions, Western mental health ethics, and the ethics of cultural competence. This presentation is direct and helpful enough to work as an introduction for students and insightful and original enough to make it highly relevant for clinicians and scholars.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Able to explore ethics of care is becoming important forces in psychotherapy
  2. Able to discuss the ethical dilemma facing psychotherapist
  3. Able to explore and understand how we can solve our major ethical and existential dilemma about multicultural competency.

Presenter Biographical Information:

Manijeh Daneshpour is the systemwide director and professor of marriage and family therapy in the department of couple and family therapy at Alliant International University in California and a licensed marriage and family therapist with 20 years of academic, research, and clinical experience. She is from Iran and identifies herself as a third wave feminist. Dr. Daneshpour’s main areas of research, publications, and presentations have been centered on issues of multiculturalism, social justice, third wave feminism, premarital and marital relationships, and Muslim family dynamics. She has studied Muslim families not as a religious group but as individuals, members of family units, and a distinct group within their own societal context. She has recently published a book titled: Family Therapy with Muslims using classic and contemporary family therapy theories in working with Muslim families cross culturally.

Date & Location

Thu September 20

The Westin Edina Galleria
3201 Galleria
Edina, MN 55435

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