This page is intended for sharing information relevant to providing mental health services in light of COVID-19 but is by no means an exhaustive list of resources.  None of it should be taken as legal or ethical advice from MAMFT.  It is important to seek out training in telehealth, in addition to following the required steps for providing this service.

COVID-19 Control and Prevention

MN Department of Health – Guidance for All Minnesotans

Behavioral Health and Emergency Preparedness

Client Resources

Updates and Information from the MN MFT Regulatory Board

MN Small Business Emergency Loans

Call to Action from MAMFT’s President

Telehealth Specific:

Legislation Passed on 3/17/20 Regarding Insurance Reimbursement of Telehealth

HHS Notification: Good Faith Provision for Telehealth

Waiver or Modification of Requirements Under Section 1135 of the Social Security Act

MN State Statutes Regarding Telemedicine (2019)

Tele-mental Health Risk Management Tips

Best Practices in the Online Practice of Couple and Family Therapy (AAMFT)

Teletherapy Guidelines (AMFRB)

Telehealth Online Trainings

MHCP form needed for Telehealth with MA clients

Office and Technology Checklist for Providing Telehealth

Informed Consent Checklist for Telehealth Services  (APA)

Example Client Communication about Telehealth

Minnesota Telehealth Parity Legislation Overview

Internet Speed Test

Office and Technology Checklist (APA)

Does your liability insurance cover telehealth?

Some telehealth platforms (not an exhaustive list):

  • Zoom
  • VSee
  • Your EHR platform may offer telehealth as a feature you can add (ex. SimplePractice, TheraNest, etc.)
  • Some websites that compare telemental platforms can be found here and here.