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Student Mentorship Program (COMING SOON!!!)

Developing a professional mentor relationship along with a student’s education is a deeply rewarding and empowering way for them to shape their professional identities in a very personal and purposeful way. Moreover, mentors are able to collaborate in the creation of the next generation. Within the MFT profession, the mentor relationship has the potential to not only produce accountable professionals, but MFTs who are connected to their community and their roots.


Build a strong foundation with a professional relationship. Why not make the most of your student membership with MAMFT?

As a mentee, you will grow your personal and professional knowledge and network. Your participation is a way to form professional relationships that can lead to unique opportunities

  • Focus on your career path and long-term goals.
  • Develop insight into real-world experiences.
  • Gain new approaches to problem solving.
  • Discover specifics for professional and managerial practices.
  • Witness ethics in action.
  • Connect with a confidant on workplace concerns.


Looking to give back to the community as a pre-licensed or newly licensed MFT, but not quite sure where to start? Or are you a seasoned professional looking for new ways of connecting with the field?


Contact: Casey Skeide, student@mamft.net or (651) 317-3501

The MAMFT Mentorship program was established to connect students of Marriage and Family Therapy with community dedicated LMFTs from various theoretical lenses and treatment modalities.