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Student Collaborative Committee

What is the SCC?  The MAMFT Student Collaborative Committee (SCC) is a group comprised of 2-3 campus representatives from each of the 10 MFT programs in MN.  The SCC was created in order to best represent the voices of all MFT students in MN, and for MAMFT to have a greater presence on each campus.  The MAMFT SCC welcomes the involvement of all interested students!  

Current Campus Representatives (Fall 2016-Spring 2017):

Adler:  Lisa Slezak-Moser

Argosy:  Mike Bousu

St. Cloud:  Kadija Mussa & Liz Donkers

St. Marys:  Kyla Reinholdsson, Mary Emmeck & Anika Pohlenz

St. Thomas:  Christine Jones & Gwynn Thompson

University of Minnesota:  Sarah Crabtree & Emily Jordan

*SCC is currently seeking student Campus Representatives from: Bethel, Capella, Mankato, and Northcentral University

Because of the natural lifecycle of students, new campus representatives from each school are frequently needed.  If you are interested, please reach out to the current MAMFT campus representatives at your school OR the MAMFT Student Representative, Chair of the SCC, at: mamftstudentrep@gmail.com  

Perks of Being a Campus Representative: 

  • Representatives serving on the Student Collaborative Committee receive 50% off MAMFT trainings and conferences (*with exception of National Prep course)
  • Great experience to add to resume
  • Invaluable networking opportunities
  • Representatives will be giving back the field of MFT.  So that’s awesome!
What Student Membership in the MAMFT Can Do For You!
  • Professional identity at the student level
  • Supportive relational opportunities with other students and MFT professionals
  • Conferences at the national and state level
  • Opportunity to have a “voice” as a student concerning professional and clinical issues important to MFTs in Minnesota and nationally
  • Free professional liability insurance (provided by AAMFT)*
To learn more about the role and responsibilities of Campus Representatives, and to get involved in the MAMFT Student Collaborative Committee, contact MAMFT Student Board Representative
Kadija Mussa at:  mamftstudentrep@gmail.com.


A Note About Student Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance is a benefit provided to students who are members of AAMFT.  After joining and your dues are processed, you will receive a certificate of coverage via email.  If you are already a (student) member and cannot find your certificate, try searching for “CPH” (the name of the insurance company) in your email.  If you still cannot find it, please contact AAMFT at (703) 838-9808.