The Professional Practices Committee is dedicated to maintaining, guiding, and evaluating the highest standards of practice for Marriage and Family Therapists in clinical practice, supervision, teaching, research, and community involvement. Members that have questions regarding the many ethical, legal, and practice-based questions of our profession may look to this committee as a guiding resource. As a first step, please review the embedded resources here which include the state statutes and code of ethics that govern our profession in the state of MN. This committee also ensures that our ongoing evolution as a profession maintains its foundational identity and ethical responsibility of being systems oriented and relationally driven.

Current Initiatives: The Professional Practices Committee is currently partnering with the Diversity and Social Justice Committee to outline a set of guidelines and philosophical principles to be maintained as our profession navigates this needed, yet unexplored realm of extending our knowledge and skills as MFTs into the public sector of activism.

With any further questions or to state an interest in being involved with this committee, please email the chair, Lucas Volini, at

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