Mission: The Pre-Clinical committee exists to promote and enhance the professional identity of Pre-Clinical members in Minnesota. We do this by providing opportunities for networking, mentoring, learning, sharing, supporting, resources, and connection.

Vision: A clear identity and community for post-grad, pre-LMFT MAMFT members

What is Pre-Clinical? After you have graduated from an MFT program and are no longer a student, you enter the stage of being “pre-clinical.” It is for the duration of the time when you are working toward licensure as an LMFT. Committee members range from recent graduates, to members preparing for the national (written) exam, all the way to members preparing to take the state (oral) exam to be come an LMFT. After you become an LMFT, you transition to being a Clinical member.

What is an MAMFT member?:
MAMFT is the state association for Marriage and Family Therapy. It is your “professional home.” MAMFT represents the interests of MFTs in Minnesota as well as in the United States. Your membership provides you with a community of peers and mentors in the field. Through conferences, networking events, trainings, and more, you have the opportunity to meet other individuals who are passionate about the field of Marriage and Family Therapy.

To get involved in the MAMFT Pre-Clinical Committee or for additional information, contact MAMFT Pre-Clinical Representative Melissa Mrozek at preclinical@mamft.net

Check the Events Feed for upcoming meetings/gatherings!

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