The Greater Minnesota Committee assesses the needs of MAMFT members that reside/work in Greater MN and is tasked with fostering connection among and resources for these members. Greater MN accounts for all of Minnesota minus the 7-county metro region.

Current Initiatives: Increase networking, education and supervision opportunities in Greater MN; Increase accessibility of MAMFT in Greater MN through the use of technology; Increase collaborative relationships in Greater MN.

Charline Bengtson is the current MAMFT Greater Minnesota Board Representative and can be contacted at  

For more information about upcoming trainings in Greater MN.

Committee Membership & Structure

The committee is comprised of a chair (the Greater MN Board Representative) and 4-6 committee members.  One must be a member of MAMFT to serve on the committee.


Term is two years, with the option to stay on for up to 3 consecutive terms.

2018 Meeting Calendar

May:  May 18, 2018, Skype Meeting, 9-11

June:  June 8 , 2018,  Skype Meeting, 9-11


August:  August 3, 2018 9-11 Skype Meeting, 9-11

September:  September 14, 2018,  Skype Meeting 9-11

October:  October 5, 2018, 9-11, Skype Meeting, 9-11

November:  November 16, 2018, 9-11, Skype Meeting 9-11

December:  VACATION

Major Responsibilities

* Attend committee meetings
* Must create a Skype account, if not already a member, and learn to utilize this meeting software for meeting purposes.
* Attend gatherings, networking events, training events, and other special events
* Set and evaluate committee goals
* Cultivate relationships within the MFT community in Rural MN
* Promotion of the MAMFT organization in Rural MN
* Become familiar with the way MAMFT operates

Current Members
Charline Bengtson (Chair & Board Member)
Melissa Kron
Cassandra Brix
Marinda Reid