A vital source of relational therapy within the community.
MAMFT is looking for agencies/venues big and small willing to host trainings in Greater MN.  We have trainers willing to volunteer their time!  Find more info here.

MAMFT’s Greater MN Committee is in need of energetic, motivated, and organized team-players to join the Greater MN Committee.  

Charline Bengtson is the current MAMFT Greater Minnesota Board Representative and can be contacted at charlinebengtson@yahoo.com.  Find information about the committee below:


Assess the needs and create the foundation to increase the relevancy of MAMFT to Greater MN members and meets the needs of MA students, MA’s, LAMFT’s, and LMFT’s in Greater MN.  Greater Minnesota accounts for all of Minnesota minus the 7-county metro region.

Committee Membership & Structure


Committee Chair: Greater MN Board elect –

Regional Representatives: There will be 5 community representatives.

Northwestern MN Rep, Northeastern MN Rep, Central MN Rep, Southwestern MN Rep, Southeastern MN Rep

Committee members:  Regional Reps account for 5 positions on the board, Committee Chair accounts for 1 position, and 4 at large committee members for a total of 10 committee members.

** Must be MAMFT member to serve on committee.


Attendance at 70% of meetings is required.  This means missing no more than 3 scheduled meetings.  Meetings must be attended as planned (ie. In person meetings must be face to face with fellow committee members.)

Two years, with the option to stay on for up to 3 consecutive terms.

2016-17 Meeting Calendar

February: February , 2017, Skype Meeting, 12-2

March: March 10, 2017, 9-11, Skype Meeting

April:  April 21, 2017, Annual Conference, 6:30-8:30, Cheesecake factory, supper provided.

May:  May 19, 2017, Skype Meeting, 9-11

June:  June 16, 2017,  Skype Meeting, 9-11


August:  August 18, 2017 9-11 Skype Meeting

September:  September 22, 2017,  Skype Meeting 9-11

October:  October 13, 2017, 9-11, Skype Meeting

November:  November 17, 2017, 9-11, Skype Meeting

December:  VACATION

January:  Greater MN MAMFT annual retreat, Details TBD

***One meeting shall serve as the annual committee retreat and focusing session.  This date is yet to be determined.  This will be an all day meeting.  The executive committee is requested to attend this meeting.  All other board members are welcome.

Major Responsibilities

* Attend committee meetings
* Must create a Skype account, if not already a member, and learn to utilize this meeting software for meeting purposes.
* Attend gatherings, networking events, training events, and other special events
* Set and evaluate committee goals
* Cultivate relationships within the MFT community in Greater MN
* Promotion of the MAMFT organization in Greater MN
* Become familiar with the way MAMFT operates

Committee Strategic Plan

Goals Increase networking, education, and supervision opportunities in Greater MN Increase accessibility of MAMFT in Greater MN through use of technology. Increase collaborative relationships in Greater MN


Individual Benefits of Serving on the Committee
Meal is provided at committee meetings
Committee members receive 50% off conference registration for fall and spring conferences
Mileage reimbursement for meetings