A vital source of relational therapy within the community.

The Greater Minnesota Committee assesses the needs of MAMFT members that reside/work in Greater MN and is tasked with fostering connection among and resources for these members. Greater MN accounts for all of Minnesota minus the 7-county metro region.

Current Initiatives: Increase networking, education and supervision opportunities in Greater MN; Increase accessibility of MAMFT in Greater MN through the use of technology; Increase collaborative relationships in Greater MN.

Charline Bengtson is the current MAMFT Greater Minnesota Board Representative and can be contacted at charlinebengtson@yahoo.com.  

For more information about upcoming trainings in Greater MN.

Committee Membership & Structure

The committee is comprised of a chair (the Greater MN Board Representative) and 4-6 committee members.  One must be a member of MAMFT to serve on the committee.


Term is two years, with the option to stay on for up to 3 consecutive terms.

2018 Meeting Calendar

May:  May 18, 2018, Skype Meeting, 9-11

June:  June 8 , 2018,  Skype Meeting, 9-11


August:  August 3, 2018 9-11 Skype Meeting, 9-11

September:  September 14, 2018,  Skype Meeting 9-11

October:  October 5, 2018, 9-11, Skype Meeting, 9-11

November:  November 16, 2018, 9-11, Skype Meeting 9-11

December:  VACATION

Major Responsibilities

* Attend committee meetings
* Must create a Skype account, if not already a member, and learn to utilize this meeting software for meeting purposes.
* Attend gatherings, networking events, training events, and other special events
* Set and evaluate committee goals
* Cultivate relationships within the MFT community in Rural MN
* Promotion of the MAMFT organization in Rural MN
* Become familiar with the way MAMFT operates

Current Members
Charline Bengtson (Chair & Board Member)
Melissa Kron
Cassandra Brix
Marinda Reid