Fall Conference

Call for Presenters for the 2014 MAMFT Fall Conference
The 2014 Fall Conference, "Families and Resilience: Hope, Connection and Meaning" will be held on November 13th and 14th. MAMFT is looking for YOU to share your experience! Here are just a few of the topic areas that fit families and resilience:

If you have any questions,
please contact Jennie Hilleren
at jennie@skyhilltherapy.com
or at 952-836-8909.

Resilience in Step-Families         Balancing the Role of Family & Therapist

     Single Parents
Filial Play Therapy   Changing Gender Roles in the Family

  Rural Families
Stay at Home Dads   Caregiving for an Elderly Parent

  Social Justice
Families in Poverty   Resilience and Neuroscience

  Child Protection
In Home Family Therapy

  Becoming a Parent after the Age of 35   Vulnerable Adults
Trauma and Resilience   Faith, Spirituality and Religion in Therapy

  Reslient Adolescents
Therapeutic Connection   Boundaries in Relational Therapy   Multiculturalism

Click here to submit your proposal to present!
Proposals are due June 30th, 2014